i3 Broadband Fiber Service Goes Live in Rockford, IL

100% Fiber Internet Services now available to homes and businesses in this area.

ROCKFORD, IL. -- i3 Broadband, a leading provider of high-speed fiber-optic internet services, is continuing to expand in Winnebago County, specifically in the Rockford area by making 100% Fiber Optic Internet service available to an additional 3,648 more homes. Residents can find out if this service is available to them by going to our Greater Rockford Homepage and typing in their home address to sign up.

The services in this region went live in February 2024, and are available to homes with the following addresses: Spring Creek Rd, Starkweather Rd, Highcrest Rd, Whitehall Rd,Green Apple Ln, Old Orchard Rd, Bradley Rd, Boscobel Ct, Council Crest Dr, Stratford Ln, Kings Hwy, Alta Vista Rd, El Rancho Ln, Westminster Dr, Hickory Ln, Woodland Ln, Old Wood Rd, Meadow Ln, Edgebrook Dr, Pincrest Rd, Greenfield Ln, Hillside Dr, Valley Rd, Glenview Rd, Fairway Pl, Brookview Rd, Center Dr, N. Alpine Rd, Spring Brook Ave, Delcy Dr, Linder Pl, Wisteria Rd, Taliesen Ln, Haverhill Dr, Jonquil Pl, Jonquil Cir, Hollyhock Dr, Larkspur Dr, Cayuga Rd, Mohawk Rd, Ottawa Rd, Apache Dr, Crestview Dr, Buckingham Dr, Gorham Pl, Cynthia Dr, Al Crest Rd, Verble Pl, Barrington Rd, Brendenwood Rd, Mayfair Pl, Brookview Rd, Pioneer Dr, Sterling Dr, Roncevalles Ave, Scottswood Rd, Chelsea Ave, Arden Ave, Arden Ct, Guilford Rd, Belvoir Dr, Lauderdale Ln, Fairview Blvd, Corbridge Ln, Luther Ave, Winthrop Ln, Westchester Dr, Roland Ave, Rural St, Greenwood Ave, Hilton Ave, Warren Ave, Lundvall Ave, Highview Ave, James Ave, Parkwood Ave, Woodlane Ave, Green Meadow Ave, Jackson St, Vale Ave, N Calvin Blvd, Crosby St, Oak Knolls Ave, Palm Ave, Skylark Dr, Wren Cir, Cardinal Ln, Thrush Cir, Oriole Cir, Abbotsford Rd, Tamarack Ln, Hemlock Ln, Sunrise Ln, Wood Rd, Brookfield Rd, Mayfair Pl, Coolidge Pl, Laurel Dr, Thornwood Dr, Keith View Dr, Eastridge Dr, E. State St, 2nd Ave, (North end) Rockford Ave, Shaw St, (south end) Washington St, Shaw St, Saint Louis Ave, and Louisa St, a part of Charles St.

i3 Broadband is a leading fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) operator in the Midwest. Based in Peoria, Illinois with regional offices in Central Illinois, Missouri and Rhode Island, i3 provides gigabit-speed data and voice services to residential and commercial customers throughout their service areas. i3 Broadband is committed to providing the best customer experience possible through local operations, exceptional staff, and community involvement. For more information, visit www.i3broadband.com or call (309) 689-0711.

For media inquiries and more information, contact i3Broadband at 636.699.4083 or mediainquiries@i3broadband.com