We've got you!

When it comes to our voice features, we’re not just all talk. With home phone services from i3 Broadband you can use your landline phone service to connect to love ones near and far from the comfort of your home.

All the features you want AND need for just $9.99 per month!


Call forwarding

Speed dial

Call waiting

Call waiting with caller ID

Caller ID

Block anonymous calls

Block unwanted calls

Anonymous call reject

3-way calling

Talk all you want. We offer unlimited local and long-distance service in the U.S. and Canada, with no dropped calls. No kidding.

We offer a Battery Backup option that can provide up to eight hours of standby or five hours of talk time. For a minimal monthly fee, you can stay connected even when power is out!

You won’t find better service on international calling from the comfort of your home. We offer everyday low rates for global reach that’s out of this world.

The security of having a home phone is a must. Our Voice service provides enhanced 911 services, to help emergency personnel quickly respond, if needed. It also works with most home security systems.

Fiber-optics is designed to be weatherproof. This technology is strong. Data is sent as beams of light through a cable just slightly wider than a strand of hair. The fiber bundle is wrapped inside a protected layer that protects the signal from the effects of rain, snow and icy weather.

Our service includes the most popular phone features: voicemail, call forwarding, speed dial and call waiting plus 3-way calling, caller ID and call blocking.

We strive every day to set the standard for other landline home phone providers. If you ever need customer support or have questions about your service, dial us up — the call will be local. That customer service expert might just be right down the street.