Upload/Download Speed

The future is now!

i3 Broadband’s internet is delivered directly to your home with state-of-the-art fiber optic lines. Our blazing bandwidth packs speed that’s the fastest anywhere. We offer a variety of reliable, affordable packages with bandwidth that leaves the competition in the dust. Unrivaled upload and download speeds plus local customer and technical support make i3 Broadband the best internet provider in the country. We just happen to be in your backyard.

We strive every day to set the standard for other internet providers. The difference is the technology and the customer service. While the other providers rely on outdated coaxial cable or phone lines, we move at the speed of light. Your calls won’t be answered by someone in another country. They’ll be your neighbors. Maybe they’ll even pick up some milk for you on their way home.

With 1Gb of dedicated fiber service, you could download a 2GB movie in mere seconds! And our slowest offering might be faster than the service you have now. With 150Mbps, you can download 50 times faster than typical DSL service. You might think you’d never need Gigabit speed. Who knows, you may be right. But consider all of the connected devices in your home – your computer, your tablet, and all the smartphones. Then add the constantly growing number of devices in your network that connects to the internet of things. It adds up quickly. No matter the speed that’s right for you, you’ll get the same, dependable, dedicated fiber optic service.

Our upload speeds are the fastest, too.

Whether you’re sharing large files, uploading photos, posting to social media, or backing up your connected devices to the cloud, you can send files at an incredible 200Mbps. And because your data is transferred on a dedicated fiber optic line, you won’t have to worry about stalling out or failing to transfer files. Ever.

Don’t worry; there are no contracts, no data caps, nothing standing between you and your data.