Connected Devices and Your Home Network

Feed all the bandwidth bandits in your connected home.

i3 Broadband’s fast, reliable internet is powerful enough to light up all your connected devices, smart devices, computers, tablets, and power the internet of things throughout your home network.

And as the number of connected devices in your home grows (as it most certainly will), know that you can choose whichever high speed internet package best meets the needs of your secure home network (up to the blazing fastest speed of 1 gigabit per second). The advantages of today’s smart home are many, and we’re only at the beginning of this growing trend. Aside from saving energy and time, they’re designed to make your life easier so you can spend more time doing the things you love. Because you depend on them, it’s important that you know that you can always depend on us. Our unparalleled speed and services are matched only by our commitment to reliability.

Whether you want to stream TV, have music streaming throughout your home, or need to upload or download large files, you depend on your connected devices. Regardless of the device (smartphones, computers, or the latest tablet), you’ll never have to worry about losing connectivity due to an internet outage during bad weather. That’s because your dedicated fiber optic line is buried and delivered right to your home. That means you won’t have to worry about your connected home security or your VoIP landline phone, either. You’ve got no time for downtime, and neither do we.

i3 Broadband isn’t just the best internet provider; we’re local. That means when you see our vans driving through your neighborhood, it could mean that one of our skilled technicians is going home for lunch or taking their kid to practice or a recital. When you dial our call center, the customer service representative you speak with might be at your local PTA meeting later that night.

We’re growing the fastest, most dependable broadband service in the country. We just happen to be doing it in your backyard.