i3 Broadband Brings Fiber Network to Metro East and West St. Louis County, Missouri Communities

ST. LOUIS, MO. -- i3 Broadband, a Midwest fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) provider, is expanding its network to the residents and businesses of select communities in Metro East, West St. Louis County, Missouri and beyond.

i3 Broadband, based in Peoria, Illinois, will invest $300 million to bring the fastest and most reliable fiber optic network on the market to communities in West St. Louis County and Metro East. The company expanded into Missouri in August 2021 when it opened its first office in the state, located in St. Peters, and began a $100 million multi-year project. This increased investment and expansion into the region will bring quality jobs and make the region more attractive to the business community by introducing greater competition and offering symmetrical speeds up to 2 Gigabit per second.

“Expanding our network in West St. Louis County and Metro East will further enhance the area’s position as a hub for business while improving the quality of life for those that live and work in these areas,” said Paul Cronin, CEO of i3 Broadband.

“With this exciting expansion and plans to add additional area cities to our network in the future, we’re continuing to deliver on our long-term vision of offering communities the fastest and most reliable fiber optic network in the market.”

“In the communities where i3 Broadband operates, we have become a true advocate for economic development and have forged strong partnerships with community and business leaders,” said Cronin.

“Having access to today’s best technology is a key component of advancing quality of life and spurring investment in communities. We will be bringing the fiber backbone that serves as a vital building block for the future, as well as new, high-quality broadband technology jobs with on-the-job training.”

Construction in the area is underway and is expected to take just over two years to complete. With the continued expansion of work-from-home, video conferencing and streaming, and e-learning, local communities are excited about i3’s rapidly expanding network and commitment to customer-first culture.

“We are thrilled to welcome i3 Broadband as a second option for high-speed fiber to your door for faster internet service,” said Edwardsville Mayor Art Risavy.

“This will ensure our visitors and the entire community have internet options; especially those who are now working from home.”

"With the introduction of i3 Broadband into West St. Louis County, more users of broadband services will be able to connect with the internet at higher speeds and be more productive at home and the office,” said Mark Harder, Councilman for St. Louis County District 7.

“Additional options for these services are good for residents, guaranteeing the most competitive broadband technology money can buy. I look forward to seeing i3 Broadband in action."

Source: https://www.bbcmag.com/breaking-news/i3brodband-to-bring-fiber-broadband-to-more-st-louis-communities