MDU Connect

Give your residents the 100% fiber connection they need.

We are proud to connect local communities to the world on a nationally recognized fiber optic network that moves at the speed of life. Our philosophy is to provide exceptional service.

This means 99.99% overall network reliability our customers count on to thrive. All backed by an uncompromising commitment to exceptional customer service and reflected in unheard-of customer satisfaction and NPS ratings.

To make your property ownership and management easier by connecting them to a world of possibility through fiber optic networks.

We put our customers at the center of everything we do, deliver on our commitments, maintain the highest standards and always treat our customers with respect.

We are IN the community FOR the community: every member of the i3 team is committed to providing excellent service.

Solutions We Offer

Upgrade your property’s internet solution to an option your tenants will enjoy! Below are two options for bringing our outstanding fiber optic internet to your residents.

Your tenants will be delighted that their fiber internet will be ready to use the moment they step into their new home. They won’t need to be concerned about paying a separate bill as you will include the cost in their rent each month. This is preferred by most as it’s no hassle for the tenants to use, while it also creates an additional revenue stream for the property owner–ask your representative how.

This option would bring fiber to the property and individual tenants would order independently. This is popular as it provides an alternative to what is currently offered for internet at your property.